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About Us

Company Profile

Presline Steel Products, Inc. is a proud 100% Filipino company specializing in sheet metal engineering and fabrication. We provide premium metal parts for the automotive, appliance and furniture industries.

Presline employs innovative technology and well-honed staff members enabling us to design and develop new products. Our CAD/CAM capabilities assures our client of the best quality on their requirement.

In production, we use only the most suitable raw materials to ensure the highest quality output. We use modern machinery such as Laser machine, CNC Turret Punch Press, CNC Press Brakes, Power Press Machine, among others, to achieve the highest precision while giving us an efficient output. Our powder coating facility features a fully conveyorized 7-stage bonderizing metal pre-treatment with an automated 6-Gun spray booth to provide optimum finish on our products.

Currently, our main services and products include: Custom/OEM sheet metal fabrication, office cabinets (registered under the trademark “Novel”), commercial steel mailboxes, pallet storage, shelving system and steel lockers.

Our Services, Commitments and Strengths:

  • To help you design sheet metal products  for intricate applications
  • To provide you innovative and strategic solutions to your sheet metal needs
  • To ensure 100% on time delivery
  • To utilize  state of the art machinery and facilities
  • To give you the best quality in the steel industry


Presline Steel shall strive to become the Anvil of the Philippine Sheet Metal Industry thorough new product innovation and World-Class Manufacturing.


Presline Steel shall provide the Philippine market with superior quality sheet metal OEM products for the various industry such as furniture, appliance, transport, etc. The company shall achieve this through efficient manufacturing of products, with modern machinery that pass rigid quality standards set by conscious, competent and resourceful people.